Read Why “Omoni Oboli” cancels ‘Okafor’s Law’ movie premiere.


Sometime in September 2016, Omoni Oboli was accused of copyright infringement for the Okafor’s Law title she gave her movie, by a Canada based writer, Jude Idada. The Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli was also accused of stealing his story and idea for her new movie “Okafor’s Law.”

Idada revealed this in an exclusive interview with TNS. He also stated that Oboli  copied his idea for her directorial debut, “Being Mrs Elliott.”

However, the actress/producer maintained her silence and went on to promote and set a release date for the movie for March 31st with the premiere yesterday, after a demand letter was sent, the matter taken to court for the copyright infringement and trademark violation.

Yesterday, an injunction was gotten for Okafor’s Law to prevent its premiere and also the releasee.

If the premiere goes on disregarding the order of the court, they will be guilty of contempt of court. Find pictures of the court order attached

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Defendants are Omoni Oboli, Dioni Visions & Filmone Distribution have been served. The Plaintiff is Raconteur Productions.

The court papers: