Here Are the DNA Results of Janet Jackson’s Alleged Secret Daughter


While Janet Jackson continues to live her life as a new mother, the DNA drama involving her ex James DeBarge andTiffany Whyte, the woman claiming to be her secret daughter, continues.

According to Radar Online, the scandal can be brought to a close as they have conducted a secret DNA test with Whyte and the results are in.

Despite the positive claims made by DeBarge’s mother, Etterlene, who said she and Whyte previously took their own “secret DNA test,” the site’s test concluded that James is actually not Whyte’s father.

In fact, they stated in their report that there is “literally ZERO chance of paternity between James and Whyte.”

While many may say it’s safe to close this chapter here, the site reports that that’s not the case as James told Conrad Murray, the late Michael Jackson‘s “death doctor,” in a 2012 prison letter that he had a love child with the “Rhythm Nation” singer and the heir is still out there somewhere in the world.

He said he’s not giving up until he finds his child he claims to have had with Janet.

“I was a young boy who loved a girl tremendously and things happened how they did,” he said. “Janet and I were real close, but I guess not as close as I thought.”

Get the rundown on Tiffany Whyte’s now refuted claims in the BET Breaks video above.