GAY ALERT: Nigerian Man Threatens To Do This To Fellow Man


From the missing Chibok girls to the missing budget, from the missing budget to the discovery of Bobby Risky, From the discovery of Bobby Risky to the missing president, from the missing president to the rise of Speed Darlington (Bangdangdangdang).

Not been able to handle the heat in Nigeria, another bombshell has emerged as a popular controversial blogger expressed his feelings without shame on social media.

Maturity is the ability to speak your mind notwithstanding what the community will think or say.

Controversial blogger Victor Chioke may have just exposed the skeleton in his closet by threatening to do what he knows how to do best.

Victor Chioke with all seriousness responded to Femisky Baba Nla’s comment on a post stating that he will insert his fingers inside his anus.  Details below:

Details below:

From the image above, Femisky Baba Nla was not comfortable with his statement as he replied with a crying emoticon.

OMG imagine the pain he would pass through only if Victor is serious about his statement.

The question is why did Femisky reply with a crying emoticon? is it that he has experience such before? is it that he knows Victor Chioke was damn serious about his threat?  well we will keep you update.


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